Chapter 8 Tug sighting in France leads to possible intrigue

After hearing that Tug may have been spotted in France,we sent our crack team of investigators to do what they do best: investigate. They did indeed find evidence of a Tug sighting in France at the Eiffel Tower. Image The year, 1984. It was early in December and once they had this, it didn’t take them long to get more. They had heard rumors that a blonde woman, matching the description of the woman in this photo had been seen in the company of Francois Mitterrand. Although they could find no evidence of this, they stumbled across this photo. Tug flying plane with Thatcher

This is the first known photo showing that Tug was capable of flying an aircraft. A quick search of flight records led to a further discovery.Tug as Thatcher with ReaganTug had returned to America.

This left unanswered many questions: where had he been since being seen in California in 1974? What was he doing with the heads of the free world? Why did he seem to be often now in drag?

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