Chapter 7 Tug begins to “disappear”

As Tug got deeper into the film industry, he began to studied the Stanislavski method of acting, truly becoming the characters. Paul Newman said, “it was incredible. Tug with StriesandWhen I saw him standing there with Barbra, at first I thought it was me, that I was having an out of body experience. Then I got up close and he started doing this mirror thing with me. It really freaked me the hell out, the way he just disappeared into whoever he wanted to be. That’s when I first bought a ranch, just to get away and clear my head after that. Even out there, I thought I saw him in the face of the cows and the elk, once even a hawk that was flying over head.”

Newman was not alone.Tug as Karl Malden  “It was erie,” said Michael Douglas. “We shot a whole episode with him, not realizing that it wasn’t Malden. He actually played John Kerr’s part in that episode as well and none on us noticed. I think it was a scene between Kerr and Malden that we were shooting when Tony Piazza came up to me and said something like, ‘does something seem wrong to you?’ and I was like, ‘what are you talking about.’ It was one of the best shoots I’ve ever had the honor of watching. He did the whole thing in one take.”

“You know man, how it can be. He just got the acting bug,” Richard Roundtree. Tug in a gang of black men“He’d take any part he could get and go to any length to just nail it. He somehow slipped on to the set of “coffee” one day, playin’ some bit part or somethin’, and after they finished shooting, Pam brought him by the club where I was havin’ a drink. I’ll be damned if that boy doesn’t end up hooking up with a group of brothers and going out on a riot. He was a crazy motha’.”

“That man loved acting.” Tony Musante-“Hell I didn’t even want to be on “Toma”.”Tug with Toma “I remember working a few years later on “The Rockford Files” and I’m talking to Cannell and we were like, ‘wow, right!’ Just had a lotta’ respect for that guy as an actor. It was definitely the best episode we did.”

Woody Allan initially denied having any connection to Tug but after being shown this pictureTug undercover with Woody Allen  he asked us to sit and talk with him. “well, ya know, and I mean, I’m not saying this as a put down to Diane. We had, you know, how do I say this without sounding catty, not the greatest, you know, sex life and all, we had actually broken up several years before that picture was taken. I mean, it was my fault, she was already 24 when I started dating her and, very much over the hill or at least, you know, approaching over the hill, that metaphorical hill top, like Mount Olympus, you know, with the Gods, probably not Zeus but one of the lesser Gods like Hera or Apollo, reaching a hand down to her because, really she was so old, they weren’t sure she could make it up by herself at that point, really.” At this point a tear came to his eye and he wiped it away with the back of his hand. “I think I have something in my eye. Is somebody smoking? This picture is several years after we broke up, I saw her in LA and we were, you know, but, for being so old, I think she looks very good in it.” Not having the heart to tell him, we left but he stopped us on our way out to say “maybe if you could not tell anyone but that was probably the most special night of my life, not that, you know, we did anything, I don’t kiss and tell. I… I… I kiss… I kiss and make movies that tell but that’s not the same. That’s just a movie. I wrote “Love and Death” the next day and when we were filming a year later, Diane claimed she didn’t even remember that night. It hurt me so bad I actually went on a date with a woman my own age shortly after that.”

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