Good Life Descender IPA Seven Brides Pearl’s Pumpkin ale@ Beermongers

It’s New Years Eve and I have plans to meet my former step daughter for a beer she owes me. Not enough time to get anything else done so I might as well say hi to Sam and…prepare my palate. Lots of hops, overtones of citrus on a dank must base, pale like an IPA should be. Jon Reid just came in to take an order. That was a great example of a Northwest IPA. Sam poured a glass instead of a pint because he knows I like small glasses, so that I can drink more beers without drinking more beer. So now it’s Seven Brides Pearl’s Pumpkin Ale. There is a lot going on here. NOT Pumpkin Pie Spiced beer! There’s a hint of something on the nose, a bitter or (Jon said) sour note. It’s the pumpkin! This beer was fermented in an Everclear glazed/toasted giant pumpkin. It’s dark but not too roasty. The sweet is there but not sure how much is the malts and how much is the caramelized pumpkin.

Alright now I’ve gotten to talking and I have to get over to meet Meredith.


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